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International title Orly
Section Una cierta idea de cine. La escuela de Berlín
Country Alemania
Year 2010
Format 35mm
Color / B&W Color
Running time 84 min
Original language Alemania
Director Angela Schanelec
Screenplay Angela Schanelec
Film Editing Matilde Bonnefoy
Photography Reinhold Vorschneider
Music Gian-Piero Ringel, Angela Schanelec
Production design Gian-Piero Ringel, Angela Schanelec
Cast Natacha Régnier (Juliette), Bruno Todeschini (Vincent), Mireille Terrier (madre), Emile Berlina (hijo), Jirka Zett (joven hombre), Lina Phyllis Falkner (novia), Maren Eggert (Sabine), Josse de Pauw (Theo)
Producer Ringle Filmproduktion / Neue Road Movies GMBH
Distribution Company Films Boutique
Synopsis Orly is built around the area of Paris with the same name as the airport. With a really bare scenery, Angela Schanelec uses the natural light of the place together with the sounds of the busy airport and lets the travellers serve as extras to show a few minutes in the lives of several characters while in transit through this impersonal place, a parenthesis of time-out in their existence during which, in a way, important things about themselves are revealed. Thus, a French woman who lives in Montreal meets a man in circumstances similar to hers, and they start an ambiguous flirtation with each other. A mother and her adolescent child are on their way to attend the funeral of her ex-husband, the child’s father. While waiting, both sharply exchange their secrets. A young German couple returning from a vacation, bring along furtive souvenirs in the form of photographs that may (or may not) answer to unconscious desires. Another woman, finding herself on neutral grounds, finally dares to read the farewell letter her ex-lover has left her.