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International title Afternoon
Section Una cierta idea de cine. La escuela de Berlín
Country Alemana
Year 2007
Format 35mm
Color / B&W Color
Running time 97 min
Original language Alemán
Director Angela Schanelec
Screenplay Angela Schanelec
Film Editing Bettina Böhler
Photography Reinhold Vorschneider
Music Johann Sebastian Bach
Art direction Angela Schanelec,Tom Bewermeier
Costume Anette Guther
Production design Ingo von Heland
Cast Jirka Zett (Konstantin), Miriam Horwitz (Agnes), Angela Schanelec (Irene), Fritz Schediwy (Alex), Mark Waschke (Max), Katharina Linder (Astrid), Tobias Lenel (Martin), Katharina Krawczyk
Producer Nachmittagfilm
Distribution Company Goethe-Institut Madrid
Synopsis Nachmittag is a very personal adaptation of Anton Chekov’s The Seagull by theatre actress Angela Schanelec, in which she uses three summer afternoons when everyone seems ready for some enjoyable holidays: a house by the lake, a reunited family, a nice weather, as samples for her observations, using her camera as microscope. There is, however, a slight tiredness, a degree of melancholy in the air, all gradually revealing the relationships that have been stretched too far, the disillusioned persons, showing that what we see is a representation of richer times passed. And, like the after-lunch sleepiness, we see a young disillusioned and lethargic aspiring writer languishing, the fading relationship with his mother, an actress, and the dispassionate relationship with his girlfriend; His uncle with no optimism for life; a girl, the neighbours’ daughter, also on holiday, and the mother’s successful lover are witnesses to this exhaustion of human relationships and to the happiness Schanelec simultaneously constructs both calmly and bitterly.