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International title Eep!
Section Enfants Terribles Competición hasta 12 años
Country Holanda, Bélgica
Year 2010
Format 35mm
Color / B&W Color
Running time 80 min.
Original language Holandés
Director Ellen Smit
Screenplay Mieke de Jong
Film Editing Ot Louw
Photography Theo Bierkens
Music Tom Pintens
Costume Margriet Procee
Production design Erly Brugmans
Cast Huub Stapel, Joke Tjalsma, Diederik Ebbinge, Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley, Madelief Vermeulen, Ties Dekker
Web site
Producer Lemming Film
Distribution Company Flins y Pinículas
Synopsis With Eep! Mieke de Jong embarks on the delicate job of adapting the successful homonym children’s novel by Joke van Leeuwen, about a girl with traits that remind a bird and with feathers rather than hands. Warre and Tine are a childless couple. While on a bird-watching excursion, Warre finds a tiny girl with bird’s wings and decides to take it home where they name her Birdie and start taking care of her. The couple soon takes to liking the child, and Tine releases her motherly instincts, repressed until now, caring for Birdie. Nature’s call is however too strong, and when it is the time of year for the flock of birds to fly southwards Birdie is unable to resist the instinct of joining them, and therefore flies away. Warre and Tine mount an endless search. Meanwhile, Birdie meets other people wanting to keep her as theirs—like keeping a bird in a cage. But the sea cannot be walled, and it is impossible to stop earth’s cycles.
Director bio Ellen Smit is a pseudonym because the actual director requested it so. She wishes to remain anonymous.