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International title Cheburashka
Section Enfants Terribles Competición hasta 12 años
Country Japón
Year 2010
Format 35mm
Color / B&W Color
Running time 80 min.
Original language Ruso
Director Makoto Nakamura
Screenplay Eduard Uspenskiy, Roman Kachanov, Mikhail Alddashin, Ryunosuke Kingelsu, Michiru Shimada, Manolo Nakamura
Film Editing In Su Park
Photography Jong Pyo Yang
Music Alexander Gusev
Art direction Mikhail Aldashin, Mikhail Tumerya
Production design Mikhail Aldashin, Mikhail Tumerya
Cast Nozomi Ohashi (Cheburashka), Ko Kitano (Masha), Shunji Fujimura (Eduard)
Producer Frontierworks Inc.
Distribution Company d-rights Inc.
Synopsis A small mysterious brown hairy creature with enormous ears pops out of an orange crate. It is not a bear, nor is it a monkey... The creature itself has no idea what it is, so it is named Cheburashka. With nowhere to go, it occupies a telephone cabin, in a city with a zoo where Gena, the solitary crocodile, works. Cheburashka replies to Gena’s ad seeking friends and they soon become inseparable. Even though the selfish Shapoklyak and his trained rat attempt to spread meanness in the city, Gena and Cheburashka will help all those they can, whether finding friends, learning to walk on tightropes to join a circus or reuniting an old magician with his granddaughter. Makoto Nakamura rediscovers and refreshes this children's literature character created in the sixties by Eduard Uspensky and made into a movie in the 70s by Roman Kachanov (who worked with Yuri Norstein) and which was the Russian team’s mascot at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.
Director bio Writer, producer and director born in Japan in 1970. He has participated in more than five hundred works for radio and animation programmes for television and cinema. His works include titles such as Before Green Gables (2009), Yahchaika (2008), Shugokyara!, Emily of New Moon (2007), and The Snow Queen (2005). Cheburashka is his debut as animation film director.