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Dostoevsky's Travels

Dostoevsky's Travels
International title Dostoevsky's Travels
Country Reino Unido
Year 1992
Running time 45
Director Pawel Pawlikowski
Screenplay Pawel Pawlikowski
Film Editing Stefan Ronowicz
Photography Wit Dabal
Producer BBC Films
Distribution Company BBC Films
Synopsis Being a descendent of one of the greatest writers of all time has been no use for Dimitri Dostoevsky. The great-grandson of the writer of Crime and Punishment is just a man who drives a tram in Leningrad and whose only ambition in this world is to own a Mercedes Benz. On a trip around Germany sponsored by Dostoevsky's Friends Society, he is willing to make up what he does not know about his great-grandfather in order to collect the money he needs to buy his dream: from accepting to become the symbol for idle rich people who sigh over the Tsar to letting himself be manipulated by the noble millionaire who, just like him, also descends from another great man: Tolstoi, of all people.