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Maarek Hob (Dans les champs de bataille)

En los campos de batalla
International title Maarek Hob (Dans les champs de bataille)
Country Francia, Bélgica, Líbano
Year 2004
Running time 90
Director Danielle Arbid
Screenplay Danielle Arbid
Film Editing Nelly Quettier
Photography Hèlène Louvart
Music Boney M, Blondie, Azar Habib, The Buzzcocks
Producer Quo Vadis Cinéma
75 bis, Avenue Danielle Casanova
94200 Ivry s/ Seine
T. 33 1 46 72 52 14
F. 33 1 46 72 52 20
Distribution Company Bavaria Media GmbH
Bavariafilmplatz, 8
D-82031 Geiselgasteig
T. 49 89 6499 31 80
F. 49 89 6499 37 19
Synopsis 1983, Civil war being fought in Beirut. Lina has turned 12 and is finding out about becoming a woman on her own. With no mother and a father too busy with his own self-destruction and unwholesome pleasures, Lina's only reference is Siham, her aunt's maid, 18 years old, likes to toy with men and is full of secrets. The world of the adult people Lina learns about is as sensual as prosaic, and contains as much frustration as joy.