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International title Sôseiji
Country Japón
Year 1999
Running time 82
Director Shinya Tsukamoto
Screenplay Shinya Tsukamoto
Film Editing Shinya Tsukamoto
Photography Shinya Tsukamoto
Distribution Company Wild Bunch Distribution
35, Quai d'Anjou
75004 París
T. 331 53 10 42 50
F. 331 53 10 42 69
Synopsis Yukio's life was enviable, he had virtually everything: a successful career as a doctor and a wonderful girlfriend called Rin. And although Rin suffers from a strange and disturbing amnesia, that is not a defect, quite on the contrary, because without memories, with no past, she is only his. Then, a stranger comes into their lives to turn everything upside down. His name is Sutekichi and he is almost identical toYukio. Sutekichi kills Yukio's parents and then throws him into an abandoned well. He assumes his identity, and then, victorious at last, he offers Yukio an explanation: he is his twin brother and loved Rin before him, when she had a memory. Now he is back so that she remembers.