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International title Haze
Country Japón
Year 2005
Running time 49
Director Shinya Tsukamoto
Screenplay Shinya Tsukamoto
Film Editing Shinya Tsukamoto
Photography Shinya Tsukamoto
Music Chu Ishikawa
Producer Kaijyu Theater Co., Ltd.
Distribution Company Gold View Co., Ltd.
3-50-5 Entopia Ogikubo
#1201 Asagaya
Minami Suginami-Ku. 166-0004 Tokyo
T. 81 3 5347 2501
F. 81 3 5347 2505
Synopsis A man opens his eyes to find that he is trapped in a dark, unknown and terrifying place which looks like a tunnel. It might be a nightmare, or something even worse: reality. The harder the man tries to understand the meaning of his presence there, the more sadistic, labyrinthic and cruel his captivity becomes. When he finds somebody else like him in the tunnel, a certain sense of hope comes over them both. It does not last long: the water flowing through the place is crimson with the blood of those who were there before them.