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Irina Palm

Irina Palm
International title Irina Palm
Country Alemania, Bélgica, Luxemburgo
Year 2007
Running time 103
Director Sam Garbarski
Screenplay Martin Herron, Philippe Blasband
Film Editing Ludo Troch
Photography Christophe Beaucame
Music Ghinzu
Producer Entre Chien et Loup
43, Rue de L'Amblève
B-1160 Bruselas
T. 322 736 48 13
F. 322 732 33 83
Distribution Company Golem
Av. Bayona, 52
31008 Pamplona
T. 34 948 17 41 41
Synopsis Maggie is a respectable middle-aged widow and has a grandson she dotes on. The child is ill and needs some expensive treatment to save his life. Willing to do just about everything to help her son and her daughter-in-law with the expenses, she goes into a bar where she has seen an ad asking for staff. The place is called Sexy World and is run by Mikki. Maggie finds out her fine, white hands, her pride and joy, will no be used to pour the tea. Tea is not precisely what customers come looking for at Sexy World.