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Hafner's Paradise

El Paraíso de Hafner
International title Hafnerparadies / Hafner's Paradise
Country España, Austria
Year 2007
Running time 74
Director Günter Schwaiger
Screenplay Günter Schwaiger
Film Editing Martin Eller
Photography Juan Lucas
Music Ulrich Fussenegger, Bernhard Lang, Ernesto Molinari
Producer Günter Schwaiger P.C.
Benito Castro, 3
28028 Madrid
T. 34 607 24 64 57
F. 34 91 356 59 11
Distribution Company Neverland
Princesa, 17-2º der.
28008 Madrid
T. 34 91 541 70 71
F. 34 91 541 54 82
Synopsis He is 84 years old and lives in a nice suburb of Madrid. He is a vital, cultivated and friendly man who is passionate about chess and regularly practises sports such as swimming and gymnastics. He frequently travels to Marbella to visit his friends. This perfect elderly gentleman's name is Paul Maria Hafner, he arrived in Spain in 1945 and was a Waffen-SS officer at Dachau concentration camp. He still misses the good old times of the Third Reich, has no remorse whatsoever and denies all knowledge of the Holocaust. One day he bumps into an old acquaintance: Has Landauer, international brigadeer, anti-fascist militant and Dachau survivor.