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International title Dai-Nipponjin
Country Japón
Year 2007
Running time 113
Director Hitoshi Mastumoto
Screenplay Hitoshi Matsumoto. Mitsuyoshi Takasu
Film Editing Hisaya Shiraiwa
Photography Hideo Yamamoto
Music Towa Tei
Producer Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Taisei Yoshimoto Bldg.1-14 Kanda Jinbo-cho
Tokyo 101-0051
T. +81 3 5217 6111
F. +81 3 5280 3888
Distribution Company Realproducts Incorporated
T. +81 90 9666 5784
F. +81 3 3753 7844
Synopsis Dai Sato is the last heir of an ancestral family tradition of nippojins, heroes with the mission of defending humanity from gigantic monsters. There are not many monsters nowadays, from time to time some will come up with powers such as elastic eyeballs or the worst stench in the world. Dai has not much to do, then, and a lot of free time to spend moaning about his daily rut, about having to look after his grandfather suffering from dementia, about his tiny salary, about how his ex-wife does not never lets him see his daughter.