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Johan, mon ètè 75

Johan, mon ètè 75
International title Johan, mon ètè 75
Country Francia
Year 1976
Running time 81
Director Philippe Vallois
Screenplay Philippe Vallois
Film Editing Marie Bèhar, Philippe Vallois
Photography François About
Music Anton Bruckner
Producer Vallois
Distribution Company Karma Films
Suiza, 102-bajo
28022 Madrid
T. 91 760 14 77
F. 91 313 51 46
Synopsis A man follows his loved one through the streets of Paris. It is a useless chase, the man knows that Johan, the youth he lusts after and for whom he would lay down his life, is in prison. Even then, everything in the city tastes of him: the dark, old streets, the gates of rundown houses, the saunas where men meet up with other men, the bars where you can kiss each other unashamed. These are the Paris ghettos where homosexuals find shelter, and they are full of friend, old flames, well-known and fresh flesh. Welcome.