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International title Antónia
Section +13
Country Brasil
Year 2006
Running time 90
Director Tata Amaral
Screenplay Roberto Moreira, Tata Amaral
Film Editing Idíª Lacreta
Photography Jacob Sarmento Solitrenick
Web site
Producer Coração da Selva
Distribution Company Elo Audiovisual
Synopsis Four rapper girls who have been born and raised in the outskirts of Sâo Paulo, four survivors. The name of their group is Antonia, because that Latin name means what they are: invaluable, priceless, warriors, glorious. Not only have they fought against poverty and violence, also against sexism. They eventually find a manager who takes them seriously and they begin to put on shows in bars and parties. And, then, again, things take a turn for the worst when one of the girls ends up in jail after mortally wounding a man who tried to rape her.
Director bio Multi-awarded Brazilian filmmaker Tata Amaral was born in São Paulo in 1960. In 1982 she attended the Film course at São Paulo University. The documentaries she directed with Francisco César Filho are remarkably inventive in their language. Her first feature film Um Céu de Estrelas (1997), was elected by Brazilian critics as one of the three most important national films in the decade of the 90s and received diversos premios internacionales, including Best Film at Boston and Trieste Film Festivals. Através da Janela (2000) also received awards both in Brazil and abroad. Tata has directed over ten shorts, worth mentioning among them Viver a Vida (1991).