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House of the Olive Trees

House of the Olive Trees
International title To Spiti me tis Elies
Country Grecia, Estados Unidos
Year 2006
Running time 29
Director Thouly Dosios
Screenplay Thouly Dosios, Maene McQuillan
Film Editing Thouly Dosios
Photography John Solomon
Producer Greek Film Centre
10, Panespitimiou Ave.
10671 Atenas
T. 30210 367 85 08
Distribution Company Thouly Dosios
1959, Grace Ave. Nº 404
Los Angeles - CA 90068
Estados Unidos
T. 1323 371 68 72
Synopsis In Anna's world everything is under control, to the point that even crickets only sing when told to. And then Markos comes along, to turn everything upside down, because she didn't count on falling for somebody and suffering.
Director bio She studied Photography and Documentary filmmaking at Harvard University with Dusan Makavejev and recently graduated in Film Directing / Production from the UCLA School of Film, Theatre and Television, where she was one of the recipients of the 2007 Directors Spotlight Awards.