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Eagle vs Shark

Eagle vs Shark
International title Eagle vs Shark
Country Nueva Zelanda
Year 2006
Running time 93
Director Taika Waititi
Screenplay Taika Waititi
Film Editing Jono Woodford-Robinson
Photography Adam Clark
Music The Phoenix Foundation
Web site
Producer Whenua Films
P.O. Box 6147
Marlon Square
Nueva Zelanda
T. 644 385 19 48
Distribution Company New Zealand Film
Level 2, The Film Centre
P.O. Box 11546
Nueva Zelanda
T. 644 382 76 80
F. 644 384 97 19
Synopsis Lily is shy, a wallflower, sweet and odd. This oddity is what makes everybody point at her and laugh behind her back. Even then, that does not embitter her, on the contrary, she is quite happy knowing she is different. She works as a cashier at a fast food restaurant and she doesn't even hear her own workmates' giggles. She is too busy watching the clock, waiting for Jarrod to come for his lunch. He is somebody like her, another misfit. Jarrod works at a videogames shop, he considers himself a genius and goes from one depression to the next. Jarrod is orginising a fancy dress party where every guest will dress up as their favourite video game character. His is a shark, hers ia an eagle.
Director bio Born in 1975 in New Zealand, he is a film director, writer, painter, comedian and actor. He is most notable for his short film Two Cars, One Night for which he was nominated for an Academy Award. The script for his first feature film Eagle vs. Shark was workshopped at the Sundance Film Festival Director's and Screenwriter's Labs