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Fay Grim

Fay Grim
International title Fay Grim
Country 115
Year 2006
Running time 119
Director Hal Hartley
Screenplay Hal Hartley
Film Editing Kyle Gilman
Photography Sarah Cawley Cabiya
Music Hal Hartley
Web site
Producer HDNet Films
122, Hudson St. - 5th floor
New York NY 10013
Estados Unidos
T. 1212 255 06 26
F. 1212 255 06 02
Distribution Company Avalon Producciones
Plaza del Cordón, 2. Bajo Izqda.  
28005  MADRID
T. +34 91 366 4364   
F. + 34 91 365 930
Synopsis Henry Fool turned the lives of Simon and his sister Fay upside down. With Fay he had a tortuous sexual relationship, with Simon a pact of friendship. One day he left, just as he had arrived. He left Fay a son who is now 14 and Simon went to prison for helping him escape. Simon has had enough time in the loneliness of his cell to think about Henry, to wonder if he really was who he pretended to be. To reach the conclusion he was not at all. His doubts are confirmed when Fay tells him the CIA has asked her to travel to Paris to find Henry's belongings.
Director bio Hal Hartley (1959) was born and raised in Long Island, New York. He never touched a camera until he took a film class at the Massachusetts College of Art, where he was studying to become a painter. After graduating from the college, he went on to study the art of directing at the State University of New York. His graduation project, Kid, released in 1984, began his long run of independent movies that made a name for him in the film industry. After completing two more short films, 1987's The Cartographer's Girlfriend and 1988's Dogs, Hartley got funding to shoot his feature-length debut, 1989's The Unbelievable Truth, one of his most notable titles along with Trust (1991), Simple Men (1992), Amateur (1994) and Henry Fool (1997), all of which were well crafted as risky, deeply intricate movies, admired by critics and fawned over at film festivals. In 2003, he was the object of a retrospective at Gijón International Film Festival. His latest work, Fay Grim, is the long-awaited second part of Henry Fool.