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La France

La France
International title La France
Country Francia
Year 2007
Running time 102
Director Serge Bozon
Screenplay Axelle Ropert
Film Editing François Quiquerè
Photography Cèline Bozon
Music Benjamin Esdraffo, Laurent Talon, Mehdi Zannad, Serge Bozon (Letras)
Web site
Producer Les Films Pelléas
25, Rue Michel Leconte
75003 París
T. 331 42 74 31 00
F. 331 42 74 41 00
Distribution Company Pyramide International
5, rue du Chevalier de Saint-George
75008 París
T. 331 42 96 02 20
F. 331 40 20 05 51
Synopsis Autumn 1917 in France. The war is almost over. Camille's husband, a soldier, tells her that the front is blocked, that the enemy trenches are as precarious as their own. That chaos is total, that the terrain they win with their bayonets is soon lost again. One day, she gets his last letter: he writes to say goodbye, he's leaving her. Incapable of accepting it, Camille dresses up as a man and travels to the front to find him. She comes across a group of soldiers in a forest. She does not tell them she is a woman, they do not tell her they are deserters. Together they will find the best way to wait for the end of the conflict and it will be singing, dancing, trying to make the most of the situation to forget that they have been cannon fodder for three years.
Director bio Born in 1972, Serge Bozon has directed films (including L'Amitié, released in 1998 and Mods, released in 2003, Léo Scheer Prize in Belfort Film Festival and selected for over 30 international festivals, including Locarno), written on cinema and acted in the films of Jean-Claude Guiguet, Jean Paul Civeyrac, Sandrine Rinaldi, Pierre Léon, Axelle Ropert, Jean-Charles Fitoussi, Judith Cahen, among others.