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Import / Export

Import / Export
International title Import / Export
Country Austria
Year 2007
Running time 127
Director Ulrich Seidl
Screenplay Ulrich Seidl, Veronika Franz
Film Editing Christof Schertenleib
Photography Ed Lachman, Wolfgang Thaler
Web site
Producer Ulrich Seidl Film Produktion GmbH
Wasserburgergasse 5/7
1090 Vienna, Austria
T +43 1 3102824
F +43 1 3195664
Distribution Company Aquelarre Servicios Cinematográficos
Arlabán, 7 - 5º - 5I
28014 Madrid
T. 91 522 14 76
F. 91 522 12 49
Synopsis Olga, a nurse fed up with merely scraping by, leaves Ukraine and travels West in search of a better life. That better life will be in Vienna as a cleaner and later as an internet. Paul is already in the West, lives in Vienna and is an unemployed security guard. The odd jobs that help him get by and the friends willing to lend him money are getting harder to find. Every morning he finds it harder and harder to find a reason to get up from bed. Paul decides to migrate to the East and ends up in Ukraine delivering and repairing fruit machines. And he is still missing a reason to get up in the morning.
Director bio Austrian director Ulrich Seidl was born in 1952 and lives in Vienna. Internationally acclaimed for his disturbing documentaries (Good News, Animal Love, Models, Jesus, You Know) and features (Dog Days won the Grand Jury Award at the Venice Film Festival in 2001, as well as Best Feature in Gijón Film Festival). Import Export is the first film he has also produced. Seidl was the subject of a retrospective in the 41st Edition of Gijón Film Festival, supplemented by the monography En Busca de Ulrich Seidl, by Carlos Losilla.