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Grace is Gone

Grace is Gone
International title Grace is Gone
Country Estados Unidos
Year 2006
Running time 92
Director James C. Strouse
Screenplay James C. Strouse
Film Editing Joe Klotz
Photography Jean-Louis Bompoint
Music Max Richter
Producer The Weinstein Company
Distribution Company Notro Films
Lincoln, 11 - 3º4ª
08006 Barcelona
T. 34 93 567 05 05
F. 34 93 567 05 04
Synopsis Stankey Philipps has just got official news his wife, a soldier at the Iraq war, has been killed in combat. His world comes tumbling down and Stanley can even resort to crying: he has two little girls. Friends, acquaintances... they all have an opinion on how to break the news. At the end, he decides to take them on a trip to one of those children's paradises called Amusement Parks. Maybe, as they are entertained, thrilled about what is in store, they will not suffer as much when they learn their mother is dead. But the right time eludes him, and Stanley represes his pain, pretends, avoids questions, weaves stories for them, anticipates comfort... And who will comfort him?
Director bio James C. Strouse is an American writer and cartoonist. His first script, Lonesome Jim, was directed by Steven Buscemi and screened at Sundance Film Festival 2005. Grace Is Gone is his second script and directorial debut, and was given the Audience Award at Sundance Film Festival in 2007 and the Critics' Award in Deauville Film Festival. He is currently enrolled in the MFA program for fiction writing at Columbia University.