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Ex Drummer

Ex Drummer
International title Ex Drummer
Country Bélgica
Year 2007
Running time 104
Director Koen Mortier
Screenplay Koen Mortier (según la novela de Herman Brusselmans)
Film Editing Manu van Hove
Photography Glynn Speeckaert
Music Millionaire, Flip Kowlier, Arno, Guy Van Nueten
Web site
Producer CCCP
Koolmijnenkaai, 34
1080 Bruselas 
T. 322 413 17 80
F. 322 413 17 81
Distribution Company Aquelarre Servicios Cinematográficos
Arlabán, 7 pta. 5ª ofi 51
28014 Madrid
T. 34 91 522 14 76
F. 34 91 522 12 49
Synopsis Ivan, Koen and Jan have decided that their thing is music, so they will set up a band, play punk.rock and make it big time in the local rock festival. Koen , the lead singer, looks like a skin-head looks, lives his life literally upside down and is a compulsive rapist. Jan must be the only one-armed bass player in the world , the other one is paralized due to an absurd masturbation accident. Ivan is in charge of the guitar, has a drug addicted wife, a baby daughter and is completely deaf. They are missing the drummer. At last, it will be Dries, a popular author, who will take up the post. He is just as manipulative as Machiavelo himself and it does not really matter that he cannot play the drums.
Director bio Koen Mortier was born in Beernem, Belgium, and studied at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and RITS, the audiovisual technology and dramatic art department at the Erasmus Hogeschool in Brussels. His first two short films, Ana Temnei (1995) and A Hard Day's Work (1997) were selected by festivals worldwide, and went on to win awards at a number of film events. He has made numerous commercials which have won several key national and international awards, including best director at the British Television Advertising Awards and three Golden Lions at Cannes International Advertising Festival in 2002, 2003 and 2005. His first feature film, Ex Drummer is based on the novel by Herman Brusselmans.