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Ben X

Ben X
International title Ben X
Country Bélgica
Year 2007
Running time 90
Director Nic Balthazar
Screenplay Nic Balthazar
Film Editing Peter Flamman, Wart Wamsteker
Photography Praga Khan
Music Philippe Ravoet
Web site
Producer MMG Film & TV Production
Fabrieksstraat 43 
B - 1930 Zaventem
T. 32 2 453.03.04
F. 32 2 453.09.20
Distribution Company Isaan Entertainment
Balmes, 200 4º7ª
08006 Barcelona
T. 34 93 368 45 17
F. 34 93 368 45 29
Synopsis Ben bears the cross of being the odd one in his class, the target of the pranks and cruelty of high school bullies. Ben is far more intelligent than the rest of his classmates, but he is also introspective, painfully shy to the point of autism. His life at school is hell but when he gets home, to the shelter of his bedroom, he sits in front of the computer and becomes the lord and the owner of the online game favoured by millions of teenagers, including his tormentors. By means of this game, Ben manages to stay alive, he stops being a victim to become a hero.
Director bio After graduating from university, he became a theatre- and later a well known film critic, first for newspapers, then for radio. Then came a successful television career as a cultural journalist, director and presenter for a variety of programs at the most important Belgian national television broadcaster, VRT. The impact of his literary debut "Niets was alles wat hij zei" ("Nothing was all he said") brought about an adaptation of the same story to the stage. The multimedia-play NIETS (NOTHING), written, produced and directed by Nic Balthazar was an even bigger success. When MMG bought the film rights of the book and play they not only asked him to write the screenplay, but also to direct the film himself. Ben X is Nic Balthazars first feature film as a director as well as Belgium's candidate to the Oscar Award of the American Film Academy in the Best Non-English Language Film category.