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In Fabric

in fabric
Section 56 edición - Crossroads - Zinemaldia | FICX
Country Reino Unido
Year 2018
Running time 118 min.
Original language Inglés
Director Peter Strickland
Screenplay Peter Strickland
Film Editing Matyas Fekete
Photography Ari Wegner
Music Cavern Of Anti-Matter
Costume Jo Thompson
Production Andy Starke
Production design Paki Smith
Cast Marianne Jean-Baptiste (Sheila), Hayley Squires (Babs), Leo Bill (Reg Sparks), Gwendoline Christie (Gwen)
Producer Rook Films Ltd
Distribution Company
Diamond Films
Ventas Internacionales: Bankside Films
Synopsis If in Berberian Sound Studio, Peter Strickland described the hallucinated look with which a tímida British technician observed the carnality of the seventieth giallo seventieth in a crimson set of transalpine recording, and in The Duke of Burgundy sharpened his voyeur’s look to describe the sadomasochistic relationship between two women / butterflies, now, in his last work, the British director goes into a department store to reflect on the screen the bloody tournee of a killer dress. The importance of objects therefore remains in his cinema, always described in an ornamental plane detail that takes us back to the cinema of Dario Argento, another compulsive voyeur, another obsessed with the beauty of forms and the dark poetics of blood.
Martín Cuesta