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En attendant les barbares

International title En attendant les barbares
Country Francia
Year 2017
Running time 75 min.
Original language Francés
Director Eugène Green
Screenplay Eugène Green
Film Editing Laurence Larre
Photography Raphaël o’Byrne
Cast Valentine Carette, Marine Chesnais (Brunissen de Montbrun), Chloé Chevalier (La Bobelle), Clément Durand (Le SDF / Mélian de Montmélior), Hélène Gratet (La Magesse), Roman Kané, François Lebas (Taulat de Rougemont), Frédéric Schulz-Richard (Le Non-bobo), Arnaud Vrech (Le Poète), Fitzgerarld Berthon (Le Mage), Ugo Broussot (Le Bobo), Anne-Sophie Bailly (La Peintrice)
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Chantiers Nomades

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This spring, Eugène Green carried out a workshop with twelve performers within what was called “Chantiers Nomades”. The result of this formative experience was his new movie. It was filmed with the bare minimum and non-professional actors. En attendant les barbares is a show of the style from the Le pont des arts’s director, highly depurated in its essence. Like in his other films, the protagonists face a process to search for light through the darkness, to connect with life after death, and has Baroque Art as its vehicle through Nicolas Tournier’s paintings as well as the only Arturian cycle written in Occitan, Jaufré. It’s not a coincidence that we are situated in the historic capital of Languedoc, Toulouse. Once it ends, it’s clear that the workshop’s objective was to prepare the alumni, through his anti-psychologistic interpretation method, for their reunion with the barbarism that Green identifies with the hegemonic American culture.

Eulàlia Iglesias