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Manuscripts Don't Burn

manuscripts dont burn
International title Dast-neveshtehaa nemisoosand
Section Convergencias
Country Irán
Year 2013
Color / B&W Color
Running time 125 min.
Original language Persa
Director Mohammad Rasoulof
Screenplay Mohammad Rasoulof
Production Mohammad Rasoulof
Cast Según el director de la película, tanto el equipo técnico como el artístico han decidido no ser citados en créditos, debido a la censura y al temor a las represalias en Irán.
Due to censorship in Iran, and in order to maintain the safety of the crew and cast, these have renounced from being named in credits.
Distribution Company

Elle Driver

Synopsis Few, very few films have been as close to their people as the Iranian. And this movie by Mohammad Rasoulof is probably one of the toughest. Reminiscent of the hardest, most direct and rough European political films (Costa Gavras o Ken Loach). Manuscripts Don't Burn is the story of an execution, a torture, a psychological horror and the persecution to a writer, poet and well known dissident. Let’s not forget we are in Persia, in the East, in Iran, a country where poets are not only prestigious but they are also the oracles of modern society. Just like reverends and priests are consulted in Europe, divination or pretend divination is done in Iran by checking with poets. Having a poet as the main character in this story is already telling a lot, and having his torturer confess he reads his texts and metaphors is the ultimate chimera in stupid situation.