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International title Hanare Banareni
Section Rellumes
Country Japón
Year 2012
Color / B&W Color
Running time 85 min.
Original language Japonés
Director Daisuke Shimote
Screenplay Daisuke Shimote
Film Editing Yusuke Nagae
Music S. S. Orchestra
Art direction Takahito Obinata
Production Taeko Sudo
Cast Airi Kido (Kuro Ueki), Hideo Nakaizumi (Gou Kimura), Yu Saitoh (Eito Suzuki), Miwako Wagatsuma (Momo Yamamoto), Hikari Kajiwara (Kizashi), Wakana Matsumoto (Nana Hashimoto)
Producer Particle Pictures Co. Ltd.
Kuro Ueki would have liked to be a baker, but she’s fired from the bread boutique where she works for being too lazy and eating too many buns. In the streets of Tokyo she meets Gou, another aimless being, a womaniser and theatre director whose latest production is on hold after losing its main actress. Soon also Eito shows up, a photographer who has just split up with his girlfriend, who is tired of waiting to get married. They have nothing in common but their absolute lack of roots, and the young Tokyo threesome decide to go to an abandoned hotel in Oshima, right by the sea. There they find the ideal setting to enact a sort of collective and playful daydream, a little bit eccentric and away from the realities of life they so much want to keep far from. They don’t speak much, they don’t need to. They let things flow almost with the ethereal logic of a mischievous light dream.
Director bio Daisuke Shimote was born in 1976 in Gifu, Japan. She studied in the Universities of Nihon and Waseda, where she drafted a research paper on director Yasujiro Ozu. Kuro is his first feature.