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Alois Nebel

alois nebel
International title Alois Nebel
Section 50 edición -  Animaficx
Country República Checa
Year 2011
Color / B&W B&N
Running time 84 min.
Original language Checo
Director Tomás Lunák
Screenplay Jaromír Svejdík, Jaroslav Rudis
Film Editing Petr Riha
Photography Jan Baset Stritezsky
Music Petr Kruzik, Ondrej Jezek
Art direction Henrich Boraros
Costume Katarína Hollá
Production Pavel Strnad
Production design Henrich Boraros
Cast Miroslav Krobot (Alois Nebel), Marie Ludviková (Kveta), Karel roden (The Mute), Leos Noha (Wachek), Alois Svehlik (Padre de Wachek), Tereza Vorisková (Dorothe)
Producer Negativ
Distribution Company / Ventas internacionales: THE MATCH FACTORY
Alois Nebel is a man who, inspired by his grandfather, has worked his whole life as a train dispatcher near the border. Two historical events have marked his life: the expulsion in 1945 of the German minority and the fall of the Communist regime in 1989, flashes that complete a script that reminds us of noir classics and that includes, among other plot lines, a mysterious fugitive armed with an axe and a love meeting that may bring light to the shadows. Vital and social shadows that director Tomas Lunák highlights with saturated black and white, present through the whole footage. Alois Nebel adapts a trilogy of graphic novels created by Jaroslav Rudis and Jaromír 99 and is one of the three movies nominated to Best European Animated Film of the Year and representing its country at the 2011 Oscars. It is shot using the rotoscoping technique, which allows for such a realistic look and shows the film diversity to be found in animation. It also proofs that the Czech Republic, spearheading animation already since the forties, has found worthy heirs to masters Jiri Trnka, Karel Zeman et al.