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Road to Nowhere

- roadtonowhere.jpg
Section 49 edición - Géneros mutantes
Country Estados Unidos
Year 2010
Format BluRay
Color / B&W Color
Running time 122 min
Original language Inglés
Director Monte Hellman
Screenplay Steven Gaydos
Film Editing Celine Ameslon
Photography Josep M. Civit
Music Tom Russell
Costume Chelsea Staebell
Production Melissa Hellman
Production design Laurie Post
Cast Shannyn Sossamon (Laurel Graham/Velma Duran), Tygh Runyan (Mitch Haven), Dominique Swain (Nathalie Post), Cliff De Young (Cary Stewart/Rafe Tachen), Waylon Payne (Bruno Brotherton), John Diehl, Fabio Testi, Nic Paul, Lathan McKay
Producer Monterey Media
Distribution Company E1 Films International
Synopsis Young and arrogant director Mitchell Haven shoots the film that could be his masterpiece and a decisive step towards his career in Hollywood. Based on a true story about an illicit affair between a North Carolina politician and a female member of his campaign team, Velma Durán, which culminated into a gruesome criminal plot and both lovers committing suicide. In spite of the initial idea of engaging stars to play the main characters, Haven selected an unknown woman radiating a special light to play Velma: the magnetic Laurel, with whom he also falls in love. An intense shooting in which Haven’s movie story gradually invades the life of the filmmaker himself up to his undoing. And Hellman's film choked by the tentacles of Haven’s film so much that they irremediably blend.