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Le pornographe

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International title The Pornographer
Section 49 edición - Bertrand Bonello
Country Francia, Canadá
Year 2001
Format 35mm
Color / B&W Color
Running time 108 min.
Original language Francés
Director Bertrand Bonello
Screenplay Bertrand Bonello
Film Editing Fabrice Rouaud
Photography Josée Deshaies
Music Laurie Markovitch
Art direction Romain Denis
Costume Romane Bohringer
Production Carole Scotta, Bruno Jobin
Cast Jean-Pierre Léaud (Jacques), Jérémie Rénier (Joseph), Dominique Blanc (Jeanne), Catherine Mouche (Olivia Riochet), Thibault de Montalembert (Richard), Andre Marcon (Louis)
Producer Haut et Court
Distribution Company Tamasa Distribution
Synopsis This is the story of an old-school pornographer, Jacques Laurent (Jean-Pierre Léaud). After a rather successful career and after retiring in the 80s without making his great work -a movie on a hunting party where the prey is a young girl-, Laurent goes back to directing due to want of money. But he soon discovers there is no place for him in the new ways of an industry where subtlety is no longer allowed and where mechanic acts are worth more than erotic tension. Meanwhile, his son reappears unexpectedly, after long years with no news: he ran away when he was a teenager the same day he discovered his father's profession. His return to the fold and the readjustment of the father-son relationship transform Laurent's subdued life and awakens all types of unresolved issues within him. An emotional crisis of the whole existence and a couple's crisis that will turn him inside out, but which may still bear some fruit.