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Poussières d’Amérique

- poussiersdamerique.jpg
International title American Dust
Section 49 edición - Llendes
Country Francia
Year 2011
Format Digibeta
Color / B&W Color y ByN
Running time 100min.
Original language Francés
Director Arnaud des Pallières
Film Editing Arnaud des Pallières
Music Martin Wheeler
Producer Les Films Hatari
Synopsis An improvised film, a notebook with notes written in strictly cinematographic language, no underlinings and almost no dialogues or footnotes. About twenty different narrations are condensed in a mute film that carries many words. Little stories telling us about American culture and society, and also about its influence on the rest of the world, on all of us, over the last decades. But also about its past, including its most remote, from the original peoples up to the arrival of man on the Moon, through the voyages of Christopher Columbus. All these events are complemented with bits and pieces of specific stories, bits of life anonymously captured and recovered through an exhaustive editing process. A subtle poem built out of fragments, images, music and sounds extracted from life, from other stories and from History.