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Accidentes gloriosos

- accidentes.jpg
Section 49 edición - Llendes
Country Suecia, Dinamarca, Argentina
Year 2011
Format HDCam
Color / B&W Color, B y N
Running time 58min.
Original language Español
Director Mauro Andrizzi, Marcus Lindeen
Screenplay Mauro Andrizzi, Marcus Lindeen
Film Editing Francisco J. Vázquez Murillo
Photography Emiliano Cativa
Music Hans Appelqvist
Costume Guadalupe Arriegue, Sol Navedo
Production Iván Granovsky
Production design Guadalupe Arriegue, Sol Navedo
Cast Cristina Banegas, Lorena Damonte, Ignacio Catoggio, Sofia del Tuffo, Pablo Finvarb, Pedro Kochdilian, Lily Popovich, Óscar Pérez, Hernán Quaroni, Adelina Roccati, Alberto Suárez, Mariano Zir
Synopsis Nine inter-related stories surrounding the concept of “glorious accident”, understood as that which not only entails dark consequences, but also opens up to significant changes in the destiny of people, not necessarily for the worse. Amongst the various crossed narrations, that of a Buenos Aires photographer who drives at night hunting for the right opportunity to picture the perfect car accident. Elsewhere, another person is on an altogether different search: that of a legendary character linked to the universe of night clubs. There is also a man who, having undergone a heart transplant, discovers that he has acquired unexpected and wonderful artistic skills. And a woman who receives the last letter written by her husband before losing his life in the perennial snows.