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Horrid Henry: The Movie

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International title Horrid Henry: The Movie
Section 49 edición - Enfants Terribles
Country Reino Unido
Year 2011
Format 35mm
Color / B&W Color
Running time 93 min
Original language Inglés
Director Nick Moore
Screenplay Lucinda Whiteley basada en el personaje creado por Francesca Simon
Film Editing Simon Cozens
Photography Sam McCurdy
Music Michael Price
Art direction Astrid Sieben
Costume Colleen Kelsall
Production Rupert Preston, Lucinda Whiteley
Production design Richard Bullock
Cast Theo Stevenson (Henry), Angelica Huston (Miss Battle-Axe), Richard E Grant (Vic van Rinkle), Parminder Nagra (Miss Lovely), Scarlett Stitt (Moody Margaret), Helena Barlow (Sour Susan), Ross Marron (Perfect Peter), Siobhan Hayes (madre), Mattheu Horne (padre), Rebecca Front (Miss Oddbod)
Producer Vertigo Films, Novel Entertainment Ltd
Distribution Company Protagonist Pictures
Synopsis Henry is a selfish, mischievous and horrible boy who resembles Attila in one aspect: it is said grass died under Attila's footsteps, friendships could be said to die under Henry's. He spends his days dreaming of becoming a rock star, trying to make life impossible for his perfect brother, Peter, and designing ways of driving their neighbour, nicknamed Moody Margaret, out of her wits. Henry also scrupulously avoids doing his homework, such that his teacher, Miss Battle-Axe, treats him with a heavy hand. One day, however, Henry losses control of things: Ashton Primary, his school, is about to close, which is why the perfidious Vic Van Wrinkle, Headmaster of Brick House, plans to take the opportunity to collect the money of all the students who would have no other way but to register in his school. Henry is bent on preventing this at all costs, so he finds himself doing what he could never have imagined, even in his worse nightmares: fighting on the same side as his despised Moody Margaret. Horrid Henry: The Movie is brought to us in 3D life, the new way we see the characters of the super-successful English books series for children created by Francesca Simon.
Director bio Nick Moore is a British film editor and director. Editing credits include The Full Monty (1997) for which he was nominated for a BAFTA award; About a Boy (2002) for which he was nominated for an American Cinema Editors Award, and Love Actually (2003). He has directed two feature films: Wild Child (2008) and Horrid Henry: The Movie (2011).