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A pas de loup

- apasdeloup.jpg
International title On the Sly
Section 49 edición - Enfants Terribles
Country Bélgica, Francia
Year 2011
Format 35mm
Color / B&W Color
Running time 77 min
Original language Francés
Director Olivier Ringer
Screenplay Yves Ringer, Olivier Ringer
Film Editing Olivier Ringer
Photography Olivier Ringer
Music Bruno Alexiu
Production Yves Ringer
Cast Wynona Ringer (Cathy), Olivier Ringer (padre), Ourga (bestia), Carpot (pez)
Producer Les Films d’Antoine, Ring Prod.
Distribution Company Delphis Films
Synopsis It is Friday afternoon and the parents of Cathy, a dreamy six years old girl, leave home for a quiet family weekend in their farm house. For the little girl each trip is always the same routine: her parents buckle her up in the car and forget about her until the return journey. It is so much so that when she decides not to enter the car to return home her parents do not even notice her absence. By the time they realize they have left her behind she has already started learning to survive on her own. The search for food and water forces her to enter the forest around the house, where she comes in contact with the plants, animals and the rest of the elements in a natural surrounding in which she is able to play as only a child would. To prevent adults from interfering in her fantasies, Cathy decides to hide away from all people (including her parents) who are closing in a bid to locate her.
Director bio Olivier Ringer was born in Brussels, Belgium, in 1961. He started in film as camera asistsant under Jean Badal and Henri Alekan,among other directors.He directed him firt short film in 1987, Haute pression, and since then he has directed many other films for television,as well as the feature Pom, le poulain (2006). A Pas de Loup is his second feature film.