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Les Géants

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International title The Giants
Section 49 edición - Sección Oficial Largometrajes
Country Bélgica/Francia/Luxemburgo
Year 2011
Format 35mm
Color / B&W Color
Running time 84 min
Original language Francés, ruso
Director Bouli Lanners
Screenplay Bouli Lanners, Elise Ancion
Film Editing Ewin Ryckaert
Photography Jean-Paul de Zaeytijd
Music The Bony King of Nowhere
Costume Elise Ancion
Production Jacques-Henri Bronckart, Olivier Bronckart, Jani Thiltges, Carole Scotta, Simon Arnal
Production design Paul Rouschop
Cast Zacharie Chasseriaud (Zak), Martin Nissen (Seth), Paul Bartel (Dany), Karim Leklou (Angel), Didier Toupy (Boeuf), Gwen Berrou (Martha), Marthe Keller (Rosa)
Producer Versus Production, Hautet Court, Samsa Film
Distribution Company Memento Films International
Synopsis Zak and Seth are two brothers aged 13 and 15, respectively. When we see them, they are spending the summer in a countryside house that belonged to their deceased grandfather, and it begins to be clear that their mother who left them there has no intention of returning for them in the near future. Soon they run out of money and are forced to steal food from their neighbour's basement. While on a ride in their grandfather’s old car, they meet Dany, who immediately joins them, since he is also always harassed by his brother. The three adolescents protect one another dodging the vicissitudes of survival, but also having a good time, in an adultless and free world: a continuous party. Unfortunately, things get increasingly complicated when they decide to rent their grandfather’s house to a local drug peddler in exchange for some money, an apparently good deal, which will entail severe unexpected consequences and will force them to sink deeper and deeper into unchartered waters.
Director bio Born in Belgium in 1965, Bouli Lanners studied at the Liege Academy of Fine Arts, but became popular thanks to the Canal+ Belgium television program Les Snul. Since then he has acted in many French and Belgian films. He directed him first short filmin 1999, Travellinckx, a road movie in black and white Super 8 which was screened in many festivals around the world. He did a second short film in 2001, Muno, which received fifteen international awards. His debut feature film, Ultranova (2005), received the Principado de Asturias best film award in the Gijón film festival, where his next film, Eldorado (2008) was also screened.