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Pine Ridge - La marcha negra

Pine Ridge
Cines Centro sala 3
+ short film "La marcha negra"

The Sioux reservation in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, is one of the poorest in the United States. There lives the lakota oglala tribe, not far from where the Wounded Knee massacre took place, where in 1890 “blue” soldiers killed almost “redskins” miniconjou —including women and children—, and where in 1973 71 days of popular demonstrations of the American Indian Movement against the Federal Government and the FBI also took place. The story, shot during one summer, is built with scenes that have apparently no connection between them. The main characters are young people from the community and the things that affect them: sometimes a past they can not get back, sometimes a hopeful dream, sometimes their worries about an uncertain future…
Precio 3.5

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