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Yelmo Cines
A new take on Carlo Collodi’s classical tale about a wooden kid who becomes magically alive to keep his creator, toymaker Geppetto, company and about his many adventures in the world while trying to become a real child. Pinocchio is mischievous and his Universe is filled with traps and seduction, wonderful characters and endless perils that will almost finish him off more than once, sometimes because of his innocence and sometimes because of his disobedience, as his wooden nose grows every time he lies. The most famous tale of Italian literature told as it had never before been told in an European super production with songs by Lucio Dalla and designs by Lorenzo Mattotti.

Yelmo Cineplex

Yelmo Cineplex
Adrress C/Maestro Amado Morán, s/n. GijónAsturias
Telephone 985 308 137 , 902 124 134 (Reservas)


Accesibilidad: Acceso, ascensor, aseos, movilidad interior y 8 aparcamientos reservados.

Número de salas: 13
Tags Gijón