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The Woman and Mi burro

the woman
Cines Centro screening room 1
The Woman
In a village in deep America, an apparently honest and successful local lawyer and parent casually stumbles upon a strange wild woman, last survivor of a forest clan, who has lived completely cut off from any other human being. He captures her and hides her in the basement at their place, and then starts the brutal re-education of the prisoner. Her presence will bring his captor’s worst instincts to light. He will not hesitate to risk his family and position as long as he can satisfy his most devious urges using the defenceless woman of the woods, living incarnation on the archetype of “the women who run with the wolves”. A bloody feminist twist to the classic survival “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” style, inverting typical gender roles, showing the barbarism of an apparently civilized patriarchal world actually hiding the worse kind of abuse and torture. Directed by the expert Lucky McKee, based on a screenplay by the horror and suspense novelist Jack Ketchum.
Precio 3.5

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