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The Sessions

the seasons
Cines Centro screening room 2
Mark O’Brien is one of those people who inspires will to live. Unfortunately Mark, a poet, suffered from polio when he was a child and lives bound to an iron lung he can only leave three hours a day and always on a stretcher. In spite of having sensibility all over his body, Mark’s muscles are atrophied and he can only move his head. After a failed love story, he decides the time has come, at 38, for him to lose his virginity. With the help of a priest, a friend of his, he hires a sex surrogate to teach him how to perform in bed. That relationship will change their lives. Based on Mark O’Brien and inspired by his article On Seeing a Sex Surrogate, The Sessions got the Jury’s Special Award and the Audience’s Award in Sundance.
Precio 3.5

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