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The Divide

the divide
Cines Centro screening room 3
After a series of atomic blasts, a group of inhabitants of a New York apartment building is forced to take shelter in their concrete basement, which seems to be isolated from radioactivity. The eight survivors, consumed by doubts, anguish and the lost of their loved ones, are forced to live together in a claustrophobic and foul space. Sides soon start to be formed, as well as clashes, and that threatens with destroying any escape possibility, dragging them all to barbarism and mutual destruction in a series of skirmishes that show the progressive descent into despicable acts and the wildest rituals in a micro cosmos where only the survival of the strongest matters. Xavier Gens’, author of “Frontier(s)”, second film, with an international cast, insists on the survivalist genre, this time in the frame of science fiction. He builds an apocalyptic parable on human nature with a dirty and dark look that shows the frailty of humankind’s thin layer of civilization and leaves little room for hope.
Precio 3.5