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My Blood

my blood
Cines Centro screening room  3
Diamantis Karanastasis does a postmodern review of Oedipus’ tragic myth and he acts, writes and presents a complex plot with barely any dialogue at all but with a strong emotional impact. In modern day Greece, Dipus is a man tortured by his huge wish to love and his paralyzing horror to do so. Looking for the origins of his anxiety in order to face them once and for all and be able to love and overcome the restrictions he has faced so far, he decides to search through his family’s messy past. He is looking for the means to get rid of the sick way of loving running through his veins and be able to love again the way he actually wants. This erotic melodrama with strokes of Greek tragedy, this adaptation of the play written by Karanastasis and Marianna Kalbari, based on Sophocles’ classic, has a drastic and frantic visual style, rich in hues and mythological echoes applied to a very hard and immediate reality.
Palabras clave Festival de Cine, 2012, FIC-Llendes

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