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Cines Centro screening room 3
After being rejected in a few auditions, Stella, a young aspiring actress, ambitious but not too talented, finds out about the existence of a prestigious theatre school where she can be admitted. It’s a school founded in the seventies by the mysterious Mattheusz Gudula, creator of his own and extreme teaching method, capable of competing with Stanislawski’s or Grotowski’s. What Stella doesn’t know is that some of Gudula’s pupils died in strange circumstances and that even the master committed suicide many years ago. Little by little the young girl will begin to understand that she has fallen in a sinister web: getting a degree from the school is a deadly test where reality and fiction are mixed and take you to the brink of madness. A witty, elegant and sophisticated homage to Italian giallo in the 60’s and 70’s, exemplified by Argento’s films, filled with crimes and surprises but also with disturbing Faustic and esoteric references, by the director of the remarkable “Tears of Kali”.