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Centro Antiguo Instituto
Lucy has just started working as home help for sick people in a small village in the coast of Brittany. One of her patients is the elderly Miss Jessel, a former ballet teacher in a permanent coma inside her mansion. Lucy discovers by pure chance that the diseased may have a hidden treasure of money and jewels somewhere in the old house. So, together with her friends William and Ben, she decides to break into the mansion looking for the loot. To her surprise, inside the house nothing is what seems to be. Death lurks in every corner and there are secrets beyond life that the three of them couldn’t even imagine. The second long feature by the creators of “Inside”, sticks to horror and also ventures into supernatural fantasy with homages to and influences from Argento and Jean Rollin, in a poetic fable feeding on fairy tales, gothic imagery and exquisite references to Hoffmann and to the romantic vampire tradition.
Precio 3.5