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Le fils de l’autre

fils de lautre
Cines Centro screenig room 2
When Joseph is about to get into the Israeli army a medical test shows that he is not actually his parents’ son. He was born in a hospital in the midst of war and was accidentally swapped with Yacine, the baby of a Palestinian family living in the occupied territories in the West Bank. The world crumbles around Joseph, Yacine, and their families. Rejection, doubt, identity loss, race and religious bias become a thorny barrier in the interested parties’ lives and they will have to try and overcome it by means of understanding, friendship and reconciliation in an environment dominated by fear and hate.
Precio 3.5

Cines Centro - Centro Comercial San Agustín

Cines centro
Adrress Plaza de Romualdo Alvargonzález Lanquine, 3 - 33202 GijónAsturias
Telephone 985 353 757 , 902 162 692 (Reservas)


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