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Cines Centro screening room 3
Alex’s greatest ambition is becoming a number one videogame player. He is an introverted Ukrainian teenager who spends most of his time playing and competing in small local competitions under the nick Koss. In spite of her mother’s efforts (his parents are separated) Alex sets aside his studies in a technical school and devotes body and soul to play every day, no matter what happens with his friends, the future or his studies. He manages to qualify for the international championship that will take place in the USA. If he wins, he will become the world champion of Quake, the shooter game he is an expert on. But is that what he actually wants? Shot at a real video game championship, with actual players as the main characters, "Gaamer" explores the generational break caused by new technologies between young people and their elders.
Precio 3.5

Cines Centro - Centro Comercial San Agustín

Cines centro
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