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Cines Centro screening room 1
A small gang of young Algerian street thugs flees Paris during the riots in the suburbs with a bag full of stolen money and intent on arriving to Amsterdam. One of them, wounded while fleeing, will make them all take shelter at a small hotel at the border. It will be the beginning of a brutal ordeal, when they find out they have fallen in the hands of a strange family of Nazi fanatics, commanded by an old war criminal, a former SS officer, willing to torture them all to death. All but pregnant Yasmine, who will become the female destined to breed new members of the Aryan race, as if she were a mare. Brutal turn of the screw to the survival rural horror genre, that of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” or “Deliverance”, set in the heart of Europe, deeply scarred by the indelible heritage of Nazi horror and the Holocaust. Its extreme violence is not exempt of black humor and an iconography quite close to pure exploitation. One of the most political and politicized films of the new French horror cinema.
Precio 3.5

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