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Far Out Isn't Far Enough: The Tomi Ungerer Story

far out
Cines Centro screening room 2
Eccentric genius if there ever was one, Tomi Ungerer (Strasbourg, 1931) had a quite unique childhood in Nazi occupied Alsace. He survived thanks to his mother’s wit, as she challenged invaders using her wile. After migrating to America in the fifties, he became a successful advertising artist thanks to his innovative working style and by the mid 60’s he was the most famous writer and illustrator of children books in New York. He was not seduced by fame, though, and became one of the most vocal voices against the Vietnam War, with challenging posters and sketches that reached the whole world. This documentary mixes animation and interviews with him and his contemporaries, the great Maurice Sendak for example, and shows not only his extravagant sense of humour and of the absurd but also his lasting artistic influence and his wide range of interests, some of them having nothing to do with children art and showing his genius in its whole dimension.
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