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Haute Tension

high tension
Cines Centro theatre 5
Alexia and Marie are two young French friends on holidays, willing to spend a few days on the French countryside with Alexia’s family. The last thing they expect is their visit to become a real nightmare when, in the middle of the night, a brutal psycho killer breaks into the farm, slaughters Alexia’s parents and kidnaps her. Marie, alone and scared, will try to rescue her friend and find out the killer’s identity. The film that revolutionized the French film landscape and gave the final thrust to its new horror movies, tainted with blood and cruelty. A talented tour de force that, starting from the typical Hollywood psycho thriller, gives it a clearly European twist with influences of the old Italian giallo, devious eroticism, and a clearly French foggy and rural feel. Never had movies from our neighbours dared present horror and violence in such an explicit form, playing at the same time with the audience and the unwritten norms of the genre to subvert both with wit and cheek.
Precio 3.0

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