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the event will take place on:
  • Thursday, 22 of November of 2012 at 09:30
  • Friday, 23 of November of 2012 at 12:00
Laboral Theatre
Directed by: Olivia Silver
Greta is 12 and at that age she’s about to become a teenager. Her father, Tom, has decided to move to California and starts an almost 3.000 km long road trip with her and her brothers. They want to reach Arcadia, the promised land, where they will have a house with a swimming pool and, according to Tom, a much better life. But Greta, introverted and inseparable from her teddy rabbit, misses her mother, who will meet them at the end of the trip and she doesn’t really know what to feel about moving. "Arcadia" has won the Cristal Bear of the Generation section in the Berlinale and poses a reflection on whether we belong in a place or with the people who surround us, no matter where we are.

Laboral Teatro

Laboral Teatro
Adrress C/ Luis Moya Blanco, 261 GijónAsturias
Telephone 902 306 600
Schedule Teatro (según espectáculo)